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2019 president

Elise Drenan

A letter from the president

Hello my name is Elise Drennan and it is truly an honor to be your 2019 CCYC president. 

This year as we focus on what it means to Arise and Go – My greatest desire is that every student and leader is on mission in every part of their lives. That each one of us is looking at how we can do Kingdom Work in every aspect of our lives – in our schools, our homes and our work place. 

The word GO in the great commission is not only an end goal or to arrive at a destination. It is a “As you go.” Through out life we are called to make disciples not just when we get somewhere but as we live life. 

As we go to school and interact with other students and teachers, you make disciples. As we go in homes as a parent or a kid, we make disciples. As we go to work, we make disciples. 

We Arise & as we go, we share the Gospel, we make disciples. We live a life where we genuinely love God and love people. We will spend an entire life trying to embody a lifestyle – that as we go – we make disciples, baptize, go into all the nations. We spend our entire lives pointing those around us to Christ. We are called to Arise and go because the Gospel is what matters the most – in our entire lives. We go because he went first. 

 I hope and pray that this weekend is a time for you to reflect on how you’ve gone before, how the Lord has been faithful in your life and where you are being sent. 

Elise Drennan

2019 CCYC President

Main Speaker

Taylor Brown

Worship Leader

Aaron Collins



Spoken Word Artist

Johnnie b

Workshop Speakers

Go for Five: a sensory revolution in India

Use your five senses to experience the fivefold revolution Central India Christian Mission is bringing to a country with nearly five times the population of the United States.

Going To Scandalous Places, Loving Nefarious People

Christians tend to play it safe. Bible study groups, potlucks, Christian concerts/comedians/movies, apparel with their favorite verses on them. All that may seem great, if you’re in the club. But is that was Jesus did? He was labelled all sorts of scandalous things because Jesus spent time with nefarious people. Let’s remember where God found us and go where God wants us.

“What is a Jesus?”: Fighting the Greatest Injustice

Today there are still 1,636 languages without God’s Word and another 1,121 with only portions. We’re digging deeper to see why this is the greatest injustice today and what we can do about it now.

Arise and Go: the World is Waiting

The word ‘missional’ is tossed around so frequently these days, but what does it REALLY mean? Could it possibly mean something beyond being a Christian example in your own neighborhood? Is being involved on a local level enough? Actually, Jesus requires more…from ALL of us. There are literally billions around the world waiting to hear the Gospel. It’s our job to get that Gospel to them. Their lives are in our hands. Their eternity depends on us!

Arise & Go: Share Your Unfolding Story

Make and take a storigami through this hands on experience and learn to own, communicate and connect your unfolding, transforming, ahhhhmazing, one of a kind God glory story with others!

“READY . . . SET . . . GO!”

Come find out why FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) is one of the best ways to spiritually impact your school, teammates, and friends! Learn the simple strategy that God has used for almost 64 years to influence others for Christ!

Arise and Go Home: Neighborhood Ministry

Arise and go home!
Each of us has our own mission field. God might never call you to be a missionary on the other side of the world, but no matter where you live you can be a light in the world around you. This workshop focuses on strategies for intentionally sharing God’s love right at home – in your neighborhood, school and even in your own house!


The Benton Convention Center

Located at 301 W 5th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, CCYC is in an active partnership with the Benton Convention Center in Winston Salem, NC. Make sure you book your hotel room through CCYC’s block rate to get the best deal!

Weekend schedule

  • Friday

    4:00 PM: Registration Opens
    7:15 PM: Doors Open for Main Session
    7:45 PM: Main Session
    9:35 PM: Youth Group Time
    11:00 PM: Lights Out

  • Saturday

    9:00 AM: Doors for Middle School General Session
    9:10 AM: MS General Session/High School Workshop 1
    10:05 AM: HS Workshop 2
    10:55 AM: Doors for HS General Session
    11:10 AM: HS General Session/ MS Workshop 1
    12:05 PM: MS Workshop 2
    1:00 - 6:45 PM: Lunch and Free Time

    6:45 PM: Doors for Main Session
    7:00 PM: Main Session
    8:50 PM: Youth Group Time
    11:00 PM: Lights Out

  • Sunday

    9:30 AM: Doors for Main Session
    9:45 AM: Main Session
    11:30 AM: Dismissal

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