2020 Details

Main Speaker

Tyler McKenzie

Worship Leader

Aaron Collins


Danny Ray


Teacher: Joshua Bueno

Teacher Bio: Josh is originally from Baltimore, MD and has lived in NC for the past 10 years. He has been in youth ministry for five years. He loves movies, superheroes, and buffalo wings. Josh is a firm believer in creating things that you enjoy and chasing dreams you never thought were possible. Josh has many great friends, a beautiful wife named Sarah, two wonderful girls named Rosalie and Norah, and a pretty awesome dog named Oliver.

Workshop Description: We live in a world of Insta Followers, Facebook Friends, and Snap Streaks. But what does true friendship look like? What does it mean to have people in your life that will not just like your photo, but who will really care for you in your best and worst times? Come join this workshop as we discuss and work together in team activities to discover true Christ-like friendship.

Teacher: Kevin McNeil

Teacher Bio: Kevin is from Roanoke VA and has been working with students for 10 years. He loves laughing, playing basketball and hanging out with his wife. After his workshop, feel free to challenge him to a 1-on-1 game… but be prepared to get dunked on.

Workshop Description: We are always told to put others before ourselves; however, when DO we make time for ourselves? This workshop dives into God’s word to see what he tells us about our spiritual and physical health.

Teacher: Elise Drennan

Teacher Bio: Elise Drennan lives in Durham, NC and is a Brier Creek Student Associate at The Summit Church. She has been in student ministry for 11 years and loves investing in the next generation. Elise loves Leslie Knope, tacos, and traveling!

Workshop Description: A look at what it means to have a “genuine faith”!

Teacher: Jason Bedell

Teacher Bio: Jason Bedell is the Lead Pastor of Forefront Church in Virginia Beach, a church which reaches 65% unchurched people every single week. Jason’s passion is to do anything short of sin to see people meet Jesus. Whether that’s creating websites, designing for tattoo studios, or preaching sermons; his mission is to see the fringe and marginalized of our culture meet Jesus. Jason is happily married to his wife Carrie of 15 years and they have three daughters, Chloe, Roxy, and Kinley.

Workshop Description: It’s been said, “Seeing is believing.” But what if the ability to see is more than simply a belief? What if following Jesus is light years past just a belief? Well, let’s learn what it means to fix our eyes on him and get busy living.

Teacher: Danny Ray

Teacher Bio: Danny Ray’s unique blend of sleight of hand has brought him to all 50 states and 25 plus countries. Get ready for a high-energy, fun filled workshop. You will experience wonder and inexplicable mysteries that will leave you wondering “what just happened!”

Workshop Description: Misdirection is a powerful tool the enemy uses to shift our focus off of God and onto a million other things. We will look at the lies told by the enemy about our IDENTITY and discovering who we are designed to be.

Teacher: E.L. Jones

Teacher Bio: E.L. loves teaching others about Christ and showing others how to love God, love others, and serve both. He has 10 years of youth ministry experience with Gethsemane Church of Christ and Olivet Christian Church; during those years he realized the potential that teens have to pour into their schools, communities, and churches. For the past 8 years he has been in preaching ministry at Compass Christian Church in Mechanicsville, VA. He was challenged in my ministry by an older minister, who is no longer living here on earth, to always read the Word, teach others by your actions, and to keep smiling (“Whatever you do E.L.,” he said, “Don’t lose your smile!”)

Workshop Description: Our society today teaches us to live for self, to aim to be rich, and to strive to live the best life for you. Jesus came and spoke against these things, but more importantly he gave an example on how to live, for he came to serve, not to be served. Our acts of service is faith in action. Serving others and serving God is more than just an event, it’s a lifestyle that will utilize our gifts and passions for God’s work. Come check out this workshop if you would like to discover how your passions can be utilized in the Kingdom of God.

Teacher: Katie Croft

Teacher Bio: Ever heard of The Mother of Dragons? Katie is kind of like that but a mom of three boys with a fourth little dude on his way.  Katie and her brood of boys call Greensboro, NC home. Her favorite person in the world just so happens to be her husband, Les, who is also the lead minister at Greensboro Christian Church. Katie works for the City of Greensboro in Organizational Development, using her talents and passions to inspire growth and gain in people and places. The Croft family serves their neighborhood as Team Care Coordinators for Apartment Life, a national nonprofit organization that enhances community apartment living by caring for others through events, place-making and friendships. In her free time she loves the power combo of naps and Netflix.

Workshop Description: Gravitational force. Electrostatic force. Nuclear force. We live among invisible forces of nature pulling and pushing the universe together. We believe in these unseen forces, yet we cannot see them. So, what are spiritual forces? What or who are they pushing and pulling together? Where are they? I have lots of questions and I am sure you do, too. Join me to learn how to see the unseen.

Teacher: Glenn Crocker

Teacher Bio: Glenn Crocker lives in Washington, NC with his wife Jessica and their three kids Colin (9), Brennen (7), and Kate (4). He works as a PE teacher where he gets to love kids and model godly character as he teaches. Glenn was the president of CCYC in 2011 and has served as a workshop leader on two other occasions. His passion is to help people see Jesus, and to see Jesus change people’s hearts and minds.

Workshop Description: There are some things about God that we struggle to see clearly. One struggle many people have is how to reconcile God’s love and God’s wrath. We invite you to join us for an interactive look at how God has harmoniously demonstrated both love and wrath through Jesus Christ, His son.

Teacher: Ken Greene

Teacher Bio: Dr. Kendall S. Greene grew up in Louisville, KY and is a Timothy of Southeast Christian Church. He has been involved in youth ministry in KY, FL, TN and MN. He has been teaching Youth and Family Ministry classes since 1997 and has been teaching at Mid-Atlantic Christian University since 2006. Dr. Greene has also been involved in church planting, has collaborated on multiple ministry publications and has spent time in preaching ministry and eldership. Dr. Greene loves spending time with his wife and four daughters.

Workshop Description: If you ask a college class their definition of dating, the response will be that it means different things to different people. In this class, our goal is to understand God’s standards for dating relationships that would involve placing our desires next to his desires so we can fix our eyes on what God wants us to achieve through dating.

Teachers: Corbin Kuhn, Martin Russow, Katie Rath

Workshop Description: Whether your full-time job is in youth ministry or you’re volunteering as a chaperone this weekend, working with students can be both fulfilling and difficult. Join CCYC staff and other ministry servants in a part-encouragement, part-open panel discussion about the trends, challenges, and joys of modern youth ministry.

Saturday Afternoon Activities

The weekend will be jam-packed with action, and we can’t wait to experience it all with you! Here are some activities to keep an eye on:

THE CCYC GAME ROOM: The only time this place shuts down is at Lights Out. Otherwise stop by for games and fun! **ON FRIDAY NIGHT, we’ll play some music and set up a chill vibe for you to hang out with friends.

VOLLEYBALL AND BASKETBALL TOURNAMENTS: Think you’re a big shot with good hand-eye coordination? Sign up for Saturday afternoon basketball or volleyball tournaments! You can also sign up in person at Friday registration. (Only one adult allowed per team



We know you’ll be having too much fun to leave the convention center on Saturday, so enjoy three food trucks that will arrive after workshops!

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The Benton Convention Center

Located at 301 W 5th St, Winston-Salem, NC 27101, CCYC is in an active partnership with the Benton Convention Center in Winston Salem, NC. Make sure you book your hotel room through CCYC’s block rate to get the best deal!

weekend schedule

  • Friday

    4:00 PM CCYC Registration opens
    7:15 PM Doors open for Session 1
    7:45 PM Session 1 begins
    9:20 PM Youth group time
    11:00 PM Lights out

  • Saturday

    9:00 AM Workshop 1
    10:05 AM Workshop 2
    11:10 AM Workshop 3
    11:55 AM Break for Lunch
    12:00 PM Lunch/Free time
    7:00 PM Doors open for Session 2
    7:30 PM Session 2 begins
    9:30 PM Youth group time
    11:00 PM Lights out

  • Sunday

    9:15 AM Doors open for Session 3
    9:45 AM Session 3 begins
    11:30 AM Dismissal

we want you there

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