Local Missions: Service Grants

For the past few years, we have wanted to empower the students of CCYC to serve in their local communities. This year, we are offering two grants for $1000 that will be given to two youth groups that submit their plan or project to serve their community. It can be anything from doing construction for a family whose house was damaged in a storm, to planting a garden with the purpose of providing food for people in need.

We are currently accepting applications from church youth groups. 

Each grant will be $1000 and we will be offering 2 of these grants for the 2017 conference. The registration deadline for online submissions will be January 27th. Grants will be awarded at the end of the 2017 CCYC.


CCYC supports the ministry of the Central India Christian Mission. Over the years we have sponsored CICM orphans, sent Bibles and supplies to their churches, and even raised money to build a church building! Last year we were able to raise money to purchase a motorcycle for a CICM evangelist! Since 1982, Central India Christian Mission (CICM) has been introducing the Gospel and impacting thousands of people’s lives in India and throughout the world. Ajai and his wife, Indu, began Central India Christian Mission in December 1982. The Mission has grown from two to over 500 full-time workers and has planted over 600 churches in central and northern India and the countries of Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan. The primary focus of CICM is Evangelism, Church Planting, and Leadership Training.