Our policies

Policies set by Carolina christian youth convention

Registration Pricing

Registration prices and dates are set by the Administration team of the CCYC planning team. They are approved by the Director and Board of Directors. They may fluctuate based on need and economy. The current rates will always be available on the registration page of our site. For questions, please email info@theccyc.com

Registrations are non-refundable but they are transferable. Transfer of registration ownership is the responsibility of the purchaser. Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate everyone’s special needs. The best way to avoid over registration or over payment is to take advantage of the early bird rate. It’s a win, win. Any exception to this policy is at the discretion of CCYC leadership.


As a Christian event, it is expected that all persons involved in the event will use judgement and character based in biblical, Christian beliefs and values. It is the responsibility of the adult sponsor in charge of each church group or individual to maintain discipline and order within their group. Those sponsors will be held responsible for any misbehavior involving a student they brought to the conference. There is no tolerance for the under age use or possession of alcohol or tobacco at a CCYC event. There is zero tolerance for the use or possession of illegal drugs or controlled substances. Jesus extends grace and forgiveness to all people, as do we, but in the interest of the safety of all participants, individuals found violating these rules will be dealt with accordingly.

Hotel & Security

The hotel and conference center is not the property of CCYC and should be respected by all participants. Both CCYC and the Hotel and convention center employ security for the protection of  CCYC participants. All security must be respected.

Grounds for Dismissal

In the event that a student or sponsor has caused an issue that is deemed by CCYC staff leadership to be intolerable, CCYC reserves the right to ask that person or persons to be immediately dismissed from the conference with no refund. We will not hesitate to contact law enforcement if necessary. 

Basic Liability

In the event of an accident or legal issue at a CCYC event, the Carolina Christian Youth Conference has coverage to protect the Board of Directors and planning team from wrongful accusation or prosecution. There are also allotments for those registered for our events. However, the greatest emphasis for protection and safety of minors attending an event is placed on the adult leaders and volunteers who bring said children to attend.

International Participants

In recent years we have received dozens of requests and inquiries from international students and church groups. You are welcome to join us! However we have no infrastructure in place to accommodate requests for personal invites for visa, passport, or other purposes. We are also unable to provide assistance with travel or finances in any regard at this time. Thank you so much for your interest!