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Reagan WilsonTitle: Social Ministry

Workshop Description: Dive into the ever-changing world of social media with content creator Reagan Wilson. This workshop is dedicated to learning to navigate the online world with the ultimate goal of spreading the gospel and sharing Jesus with the world.

Bio: Reagan Wilson is a bold voice for countercultural biblical truth. She engages her 73,000+ TikTok followers with thought-provoking Christian content plus fashion and lifestyle insights. She serves as social media director for Ekklesia Christian Church in Conway, SC, and moonlights as a clothing designer, sneaker reseller, and marketing content creator.

Heather FergusonTitle: Come and See Beyond Doubt!

Workshop Description: As Christ followers, it can be easy to know what’s true amongst the world we live in today. Come to Heather’s workshop to move past your doubt or the skepticism of your friends by having an answer!

Bio: Heather Ferguson is the Director of Student Ministry at Compass Christian Church. She has a passion for teen ministry, running “all the miles”, competing in obstacle course races and living for Christ She is married to her high school sweetheart, Brandon, and together they are raising their beautiful daughter Zoey. Heather loves to run and encourage teenagers to find their passion on the course as well. She has competed in several world championship 24 hour races, including the Spartan Iceland Ultra, World’s Toughest Mudder, and Australia’s True Grit Enduro 24 race. At local races, she is known as the “Start Line Prayer Girl” as she offers a prayer for all the competitors before the race.

Codie RogersTitle: The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Workshop Description: Come and see the gift that keeps on giving. God has given us gifts—ones that have been freely given to us. In this, we must understand that our God-given gifts were not designed for our taking, but solely for giving. Our gifts should not lead us to want to take, nor should they be used for personal gain—like fame or money. They should be used solely for God’s purposes. So, what if we used our gifts for Him? What would that look like?

Bio: Codie Rogers is a speaker, artist, and songwriter who was born and raised in Virginia Beach, VA. Originally pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering, he later discovered his passion for ministry through serving and volunteering at his home church, Kempsville Christian Church. Rogers soon began his pursuit for ministry through an ongoing Youth Internship, which eventually led to a transition into a Young Adults Director position at Kempsville. Furthermore, having been affiliated with the Christian Rap and Rock band Rochii, he eventually transitioned into a solo artist career, under the name of CXDIE. With a desire to share the gospel, Rogers’ influence serves to bring forth the kingdom of God through the sharing of God’s word and the ministry of his music.

Scott HaulterTitle: Introducing people to Jesus (It’s easier than you think)

Workshop Description: Too often people think they need to be someone they are not to tell people about Jesus. Or they have to have every answer about Jesus. That is not the true. Jesus told us what to do, who to do it with and when to do it.  When we understand God’s Part, Our Part and Their Part and we are only responsible for Our part it takes all of the anxiety out of it.

Bio: I hear a few things that make me different from most ministers are; I have a 2nd degree black belt and have had 2 amateur MMA fights. I also have enjoyed most physical sports! I believe there is God’s Part, My Part, and Your Part to grow in a real relationship with Jesus. I do My Part knowing, God will do His Part, and pray you will do Your Part.

Chris WoolardTitle: Pockets of Heaven – Building God’s Kingdom and Changing the World.

Workshop Description: When Jesus prayed “let your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven” he had a plan for that. It was us. You don’t have to be a famous Bible scholar or influencer with millions of followers to make build the kingdom. Nope. If you have Jesus,
you build pockets of heaven everywhere you go and build His kingdom in your corner of the world. Let’s talk about that.

Bio: Chris Woolard is the pastor of Venture Church in Wilmington NC. He has spent over 20 years working with teens in NC and VA through Youth Ministry, Summer Camps, Boy Scouts, Youth Football, and even as a long-time team member and former director of CCYC. He and his wife Lindsey are also the parents of 2 real life teenagers where he’s daily reminded of how important it is to be focused on Jesus through it all.

Title: Resilient through Change (High School Only)

Glen TitusWorkshop Description: Your future holds obvious changes and unexpected plot twists. How can you be “Resilient” under the pressures of the unknown? How can you continue to grow into the person you (and Jesus) want you to be as you navigate and beyond? Join us for an interactive workshop exploring key elements of one’s spiritual journey.

Bio: Glen is currently the ministry director of Campus Christian Fellowship (CCF) in NC. He has helped college students gain a first-hand faith in Jesus for over 20 years. He lives in Wilmington, NC with Courtney (wife) and has two awesome daughters! He likes playing guitar/drums, crafted sudoku puzzles, and randomly dreams of being a voice actor and/or learning Hebrew one day.

Title: Invitations

Workshop Description: We’ve been invited to “Come and See” Jesus. Now we’re called to offer the same invitation to others. Join us Saturday morning to explore what offering that invitation looks like around the world.

Bio:Glenn Crocker lives with his wife, Jessica and their three children Colin, Brennen and Kate in Washington, NC. He is a physical education teacher and serves at Poplar Chapel Church of Christ as in Jamesville, NC as the Lead Minister. Glenn loves the Lord, loves his family, loves sports and loves teaching others about Jesus.

weekend schedule


4:00 PM CCYC Registration Opens
7:15 PM Doors Open for Main Session 1
7:45 PM Main Session Begins
9:20 PM Youth Group Time
11:00 PM Lights Out


9:00 AM Workshop 1
10:05 AM Workshop 2
11:10 AM Workshop 3
11:55 AM Break for Lunch
4:00 PM Doors Open for Main Session 2
4:30 PM Main Session 2 Begins
6:30 PM Youth Group Time
7:00PM Break for Dinner
8:30PM Evening Shenanigans
11:00 PM Lights Out


9:15 AM Doors Open for Main Session 3
9:45 AM Main Session 3 Begins
11:45 AM Dismissal

  • 3v3 Basketball Tourney – Saturday Afternoon
  • Volleyball Tourney – Saturday Afternoon
  • Talent Show
  • Game Room – Inflatables, basketball, Gagaball, and more!

Our Location

We Are currently meeting at the Benton Convention Center in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. Get to know the area and what there is to do here. You can also get familiar with the Benton here.


At current our venue, we have worked with the two hotels that are connected to the Convention Center. Each one has different layouts and perks. Be sure to use the booking links below to get the best deal for the conference!

**Please be sure to verify the dates you want to book when using the links below**

Winston Salem Marriott

425 North Cherry Street

Winston-Salem,  NC  27101

Winston Salem Embassy Suites

460 North Cherry Street
Winston-Salem,  NC  27101


CCYC is proud to partner with missions organizations every year!
Each year during our conference, we take up offerings that go directly to the organization.
Here are some we’ve partnered with this year:

CICM responds to the needs of people in India and surrounding countries through outreach initiatives including providing medical care, disaster relief, shelter, food, education, training and more. It is through this ability to meet physical needs that the door is opened to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, bring hope to the hopeless, love the unlovable and free those in bondage. CICM’s aim is to meet the spiritual and physical needs of those the Lord brings to us.


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